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Finding The Way Together



1oth Anniversary of the Compass!

It is hard to believe that just over ten years ago The Compass opened in October 2002. We have been blessed to have so many people do so much to make The Compass what it is today.

We have learned a lot along the way. Here is my Top Ten list!  What’s your’s?

1)     Food banks are essential. They provide a means by which surplus food can be shared with those who need it.

2)     The extent of poverty in our neighbourhood is bigger than we thought. We started off helping about 40 families, and last year we helped over 800 families.

3)     There are many causes of poverty but the major cause is social isolation.

4)     To make a long term improvement in each client’s life, we must try to identify the underlying causes of their poverty and do what we can to alleviate them.

5)     You cannot help everybody but you can try. The simple act of trying brings comfort and hope.

6)     Doing good work makes people happy.

7)     Prayer is powerful.

8)     Collaboration with other organizations doing good work makes us all better at what we do.

9)     Many good people working together can do a lot of good. Behind our 250 volunteers there are churches, service groups, schools and thousands of people who donate food, money, time and energy.

10)  We have much to be grateful for. Especially each other.


Many thanks to all of you for your support of the Compass!


Brian McGoey, Past Co-chair