Walk the Walk for The Compass!

Please join us to help raise funds for The Compass Food 2019 Walk Photo (pre COVID-19)Bank and Outreach Centre!

Virtual Walk
September 13th – 19th
Walk the Walk for the Compass.
Walk 1k,5k or 10k and raise funds for the Compass

Contact us at walk@thecompass.ca for help with registering for the walk, or to express interest in event sponsorship.


How a Virtual Walk Works!

4 Steps on How to Walk Virtually
Sign up for the walk online
Start fundraising!
    • For online fundraising, post your link (or your team’s link) on your social media. Tell your friends about your Walk and your fundraising goal.
    • For traditional fundraising, do what you do best.
Here’s a sponsor form anyone who wishes can print to get donations too.
All funds will need to be e-transferred to treasurer@thecompass.ca or a cheque delivered to The Compass 🙂
Receive your Kit
    • What’s in a kit? Your Compass T-shirt, your race day mask, a snack (Clif bar), a race day bib, etc
    • You should let the package sit for a few days before you open it. Make sure you wash your shirt before wearing it on race day to be extra safe!
Walk the Walk
    • On any day during the Walk week you can walk your favourite trails, run if you like. You can decide to walk around your neighbourhood or in your backyard. You can also walk around your living room or jog on the spot!
Prove to everyone you did it!
Take Photos
    • The most important part, take photos of your walk and your walk team.
    • Post photos on social media with the hashtag #walkthewalk2020
    • Share with our community, every year we take lots of photos of people walking the walk – this year you will need to take the photos for us. We still want to see you walk.
    • There will be photo contests! We will be giving out prizes for the best photos …. details to come later

“The “Walk” is our signature fundraising event. It has been, and continues to be, ever increasingly successful.

This is vital from a financial perspective because the demands for Compass services to support those requiring a hand up, is increasing annually and outpaces the rate of inflation. We have seen an increase in need since COVID and expect that this need will increase as the financial implications of the lockdown take shape. Success of the “Walk” is also quantified by the level of community engagement.

We continue to set new records for Walk participants with over 100 enthusiastic walkers last year. All were emblazoned with bright red Compass shirts, visible in the populated areas of Port Credit, through parks and waterfront trails. This degree of community involvement raises overall awareness of the Compass, our services and the needs of our clients. This year we hope to have that visibility in your neighbourhood as well – join us and walk around your block for the Compass.

We attract members of our political leadership who endorse the event. Last year we were visited by: Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ward 1 Councilor, Stephen Dasko, Ward 2 Councilor, Karen Ras, MPP Rudy Cuzzetto and MP, Sven Spengemann.

2019 Walk Photo (pre COVID-19)

September 15 2018-025d