Food Bank Donation Drop Off

Donations of food and toiletries appreciated

You can drop donations off at The Compass at 310 Lakeshore Road West. We are just west of Mississauga Road and Lakeshore. You are welcome to drive into the back parking lot to unload. Just knock and one of our volunteers would be pleased to help.

Drop off hours:

  • Monday 11:30 am - 8 pm
  • Tuesday 11 am - 8 pm
  • Wednesday 9:30 am - 5 pm
  • Thursday 9 - 11:30 am
  • Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Here's a list of our most needed items.

Winter Survival

Homeless in Toronto at -18C windchill. It's safer sleeping in public view.

Help keep our homeless clients warm this winter

From 2018 to 2019, the number of Compass clients who self-identify as homeless increased by 55 percent. For many clients, this is due to a sharp increase in rent and housing costs— even the cost of renting a room is now beyond the reach of many. Families continue to be kicked out onto the street, and winter is coming.

Donation drop off runs until November 22nd. Bring your donations to either of the below addresses during the drop off window noted below.

a. Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church
1338 Clarkson Rd. N. Mississauga
Wednesdays (10 am - 1 pm), Thursdays (10 am - 1 pm), and Fridays (10 am - 1 pm)

b. The Compass - 310 Lakeshore Rd W. Mississauga
Mondays (4 - 7 pm), Wednesdays (1 - 4 pm), and Fridays (1 - 4 pm)

Learn more here

Interested in Running a Food Drive?

The Compass is helping more and more people each month therefore our need for food is also growing! If you’d be interested in having a food drive, big or small, simply fill in this form and we'd be so happy to help you make it a success.

Our most needed items are posted on the bottom of the home page each week and we also post our top needed list. Individual donations are always welcome.

Most Needed Items

Most Needed Items for this week is Peanut Butter
Most Needed Items for this week is Peanut Butter

Donate from our Wishlist

Do you LOVE the idea of donating items to our food bank market, but simply don't have the time?

Why not order items from our Amazon Wishlist and have them shipped directly to us? Always up to date with the items people are looking for when they visit The Compass.

Thank you for your support!


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What Clients & Volunteers Say

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff. You do a wonderful job in helping anyone in our community who truly struggles.

This is an absolutely incredible team!! The service they provide is so necessary, and definitely helps the community run smoother.

My 5 years as a volunteer with the Compass have been some of my happiest. I feel very privileged that in my role here, I have been allowed to get to know so many wonderful people. There are huge rewards too. The sense of fulfillment is amazing and the warmth and gratitude of the clients is priceless.

The kindest group of people you could ever meet volunteer at The Compass.

Most helpful community and outreach centre I had ever experienced.

Staff are amazing! They make you feel like a normal person and not someone who is struggling to get by. The staff make this place!

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