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Important Updates From The Compass

This winter, The Compass is reaching out to our community asking for support to help Mississauga's homeless population for the upcoming winter season.

Due to rising housing costs, there has been an increase in the number of homeless Compass clients. For many families, the winter represents a life or death battle, and they are dreading the months ahead.

With harsh weather on the horizon, please join us in helping those in need.


Winter Survival Program

What Clients & Volunteers Say

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff. You do a wonderful job in helping anyone in our community who truly struggles.

This is an absolutely incredible team!! The service they provide is so necessary, and definitely helps the community run smoother.

My 5 years as a volunteer with the Compass have been some of my happiest. I feel very privileged that in my role here, I have been allowed to get to know so many wonderful people. There are huge rewards too. The sense of fulfillment is amazing and the warmth and gratitude of the clients is priceless.

The kindest group of people you could ever meet volunteer at The Compass.

Most helpful community and outreach centre I had ever experienced.

Staff are amazing! They make you feel like a normal person and not someone who is struggling to get by. The staff make this place!

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