Attending an All Candidates Meeting

If you feel passionately about ending homelessness in Mississauga-Lakeshore, you may wish to raise questions about housing, homelessness, and poverty at candidates meetings. Here are some tips for attending all candidates meetings:

  1. Write out your question(s) ahead of time to stay focused and on point. You may wish to use our Questions to Ask resource available here (as a pdf).
  2. Plan to arrive early. Plan your route ahead of time so you can find parking, rooms, and so forth with ease.
  3. Before the meeting begins, look for the location of the floor microphones and sit as close to one as possible. When question period is announced, people will move quickly toward the microphones. Be ready.
  4. Ask your question and request that all candidates respond.
  5. Often you will only have the opportunity to ask one question. If you’re attending a meeting as a member of a group, plan your strategy beforehand. Divide key questions among different members of your group according to your interests and consider assigning follow-up questions to different group members.
  6. Always be polite. The goal is not to embarrass the candidates, but to raise specific concerns and get them on the candidates’ radars and the political agenda.

How Did it Go?  Let Us Know!

Did you use these tips? What did you learn from attending an all candidates meeting?

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