Welcome to Compass Directions, the new official blog of The Compass Food Bank & Outreach Centre! This blog is managed by the Communications and Development Committee at The Compass. The Board of Directors at The Compass has several standing committees to oversee day-to-day operations at the food bank. In addition to the Communications and Development Committee, The Compass has established:

  • The Market Committee
  • The Programs Committee
  • The Finance and Risk Committee
  • The Space Planning Taskforce
  • The Executive Committee

The purpose of the Communications and Development Committee is “to develop initiatives and take action to strengthen promotion, communications and development of The Compass, with regular reporting to the board.”

A few weeks ago, you may have received our new Compass Directions newsletter, one of our committee’s key initiatives, in your email inbox. If you did not receive the newsletter but would like to in the future, you can subscribe to it here.

This blog will supplement our quarterly newsletter by providing continuous coverage of stories and issues that are important to the community The Compass serves.

To manage this blog and the associated newsletter, Committee Chair Mike Giguere has assembled a team of young professionals who are gaining valuable experience by volunteering with The Compass as they launch their careers in the fields of marketing, publishing and journalism.

Our team currently consists of:

  • Kevin Linger, e-Media Team Leader
  • Harriet Abbott, Social Media Coordinator
  • Emery Legatto, PPC Coordinator
  • John Wilson, Managing Editor
  • Zara Snitman, Associate Editor

We always like to hear from our community and we invite you to send your comments and suggestions to editor@thecompass.ca.

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