By John Wilson

In the middle of a heat wave in July, it can be easy to forget that people in our community are going hungry. Yet the summer months are frequently one of the most difficult times of the year for families and individuals struggling with hunger.

Many parents rely on assistance from the snack and meal programs offered by schools. But with children out of class at this time of year, it can be difficult for parents to provide three healthy meals every day. Sometimes, this is when people turn to food banks for help. And if food banks are dealing with summer food shortages, it is difficult for them to provide communities with the help they need to end hunger.

The sad reality is that hunger does not take a summer vacation. But with your help, The Compass can fight to end summer hunger in your community. By donating any amount today, you will be helping to ensure that people in your community will have access to healthy, nutritious food this summer.

John Wilson is the Managing Editor of the Compass Directions blog and newsletter. He can be reached at

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