Christmas is coming!

  Photo by on Unsplash The Compass wants to thank everyone for your continuous support throughout the whole year. Below is a list of Christmas celebrations in the neighborhood. Bring your loved ones and join us! Quiet Christmas: A Service of Comfort and Hope — Glenbrook Presbyterian Church Date/Time: Mon., Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. […]

Walk the Walk for The Compass 2019

By Xinli Wang It was a beautiful sunny day on September 21. More than one hundred and eighty participants and The Compass volunteers gathered together. Everyone was here to support a great cause that The Compass has been doing over the past fifteen years: to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. All our […]


Community Impact: Summer Camps

By Emily Love In the past, supporting churches have given The Compass some weeks for sending children to summer camp, and The Compass has also partnered with the Lakeshore Community Corridor Team (LCCT) to help send children to camp in keeping with the late Jim Tovey’s wishes. This year, we received an extremely generous donation […]

Blog Photo May 13

Spring and Summer Shortages

By Amanda Rylott From November to April, thanks to the holiday spirit and the generosity of donors, Compass receives an influx of donations. This is a common occurrence with many local food banks, as the community finds ways to give back during the cold weather. These donations are greatly appreciated, as they help with ensuring […]


The Importance of Community Connections

By Amanda Rylott For the past few years, The Compass’ hard-working volunteers have been using old laptop computers at The Compass. These computers were second-hand when The Compass acquired them and had reached the end of their life, becoming a disruption. Optimistically our e-Media team wrote a post on Facebook asking for leads on companies […]