The Compass Cookbook

The Compass is delighted to announce that we have begun the process of creating our very own cookbook. A cookbook to be filled with recipes submitted by members of our community.

One of the greatest impacts we see onsite is the Breakfast and Lunch program. The remarkable camaraderie between clients and volunteers, which can only be summed up as ‘Family’ is the inspiration behind this cookbook. 

Family is support, kindness, understanding, and definitely sharing a meal. Our hope is this cookbook will be filled with recipes from volunteers, clients, donors and supporters which are easy and accessible to make. Ones that we can continue to enjoy with our family for years to come. 

This is where you come in! We are looking for submissions of tasty and easy recipes for an opportunity to be featured in The Compass cookbook. Maybe it’s a recipe recently created in lockdown or a beloved family recipe handed down. If it makes you smile when you make it, we would love to have it. 

Please use the button below to fill out the form. 

 If you have any questions, please email

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