Interlocking hands

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a phrase originally coined by Aristotle. If that’s true, then It’s the parts that make up this greater whole, and without those parts, that whole wouldn’t exist. As a matter of fact, the minute you change one of the parts, you’ve made a change to the whole. 

The Compass community consists of people who’ve come together in a common goal that forms the ‘whole’ of who The Compass is. It’s comprised of many people. Some in roles of service and some the supplier of goods. Working together, the ‘whole’ has evolved to form a welcoming, vital community where neighbors are serving their neighbors, and where one community has joined hands with another. 

To understand the ‘whole’ of The Compass, you need to peel back the layers and look at the sum of its parts. The parts are the people who serve, interact, give, lead, work behind the scenes and operate the front lines. It’s the kitchen staff, and cleaners. It’s the re-packers and personal shoppers. It’s the front door greeter and the intake workers. It’s those who sort, unload, shelve, and collect. These people make up the bulk of the everyday activity and behind them stand numerous other individuals and organizations who contribute, support, and apply their expertise. Each of them is integral in the final design that makes up the harmonious symmetry of the ‘whole’. Together, they are The Compass.

As a newcomer to this community, my hope is to learn more about the people and the programs. I’m hoping to discover the heart behind the service and the motivation behind the giving. I want to peel back the layers and have a deeper look. When I do, I expect to find beauty in what I will see. 


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