Do you need help with food?

If you are living in Mississauga within the postal codes L5E, L5G, L5H or L5J and are in need of food for yourself and/or your family we can help on a weekly basis.

We do not turn away anyone in need. We provide one time emergency food supplies and other assistance to those outside our area, and can help with referrals to ongoing sources of support. You can also check Mississauga Food Bank to see where your closest food bank is or call 211 for assistance.

Our food bank market is open Monday from 3-8 pm, and Wednesday and Friday from 12-5 pm. The kitchen opens 30 minutes before the market and serves hot drinks and snacks until the market closes.

Image of a volunteer helping a client in the food bank

What You Will Receive

You will take home 2-3 days of food for you and your family each week. You make your own choices so you take home only what you know your family will use. We stock canned food, dry foods, fresh produce, dairy, eggs and a selection of frozen food including meat. We also offer halal options.

Your First Visit

Simply visit during market hours, arriving at least 30 minutes before we close. You will leave with food that same day. Please bring ID for each person in your family and something that shows your address. If you don’t have it we can still help, but we ask you to bring it on your next visit.

What to Expect

When you come to the Compass you see people sitting enjoying food and a hot drink, talking with friends. Our goal is to help people build a community and find a safe place to come for help. People often come for food, then get involved with our other programs and options for support.