Local food production and community gardens are essential ingredients in providing food security to urban areas. The Compass is fortunate enough to partner with a number of gardens, receiving over 1000 lbs of food from these sources in 2017. Thanks to the support of both community and private gardens, The Compass is able to provide nutritious food to those in need. Baskets of fresh potatoes and onions

If you tend to a community garden or your own, and are interested in sharing your harvest with the community, contact us for more information.

Small Arms Community Garden

Opening in June 2018, the Ecosource, the Small Arms Society and the City of Mississauga will be introducing a new community garden on the site of the Small Arms Building Creative Hub. To register for one of 22 individual or 4 community plots, pleaseĀ email communitygardens@ecosource.ca or call 905-274-9222 ext. 309. The Compass would welcome any donations from your new garden to assist us in supporting our wonderful community!

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