Can you believe it’s September? I love the chill that’s in the air some mornings! It’s a lovely change after a hot summer. We miss everyone, and look forward to seeing you again. The kids have gone back to school so you’ll see us on site again. This email is to share some updates on what’s happening at The Compass. Please do reply if you have any questions or want to follow up on anything.

New Compass Website – What would you like to see on it?
We have a team of volunteers creating a new website in partnership with Eric from He’s donating his time to us. It’s a welcome upgrade, and we’d love your input on what you’d like to see on it. Consider what you would appreciate from the perspective of a volunteer, donor, client or community member. Share your ideas using the link below. One very exciting change – we are introducing Google Translate. Clients will be able to translate all pages, including our hamper order form! This will really help us serve our non-English clients. 


Volunteer Shifts
Shifts are in the volunteer system until the end of the year. If you aren’t signed up for September shifts you’re available for, this is a good time to sign up. ๐Ÿ™‚ ( or the My Impact app on Apple/Android).

Cross Training
If there’s another role you’re interested in, please reply and let us know. This fall there will be some opportunities opening up. We’d love to know who’s interested.

Canada Summer Jobs
We were approved for THREE positions this year (instead of one). This is a Government of Canada wage subsidy to provide youth paid work experience. Emily and Derin have been on site this summer and are now returning to school. We will miss both of you! Zelia is working off site as our Fundraising and Digital Marketing Coordinator until the end of October. We are so grateful for the amazing contributions by all three. They have been fundamental in helping us get through the changes associated with COVID-19 and helping build support for The Compass.

Pre-Packed Hampers
For the last few months, clients have been able to get prepared hampers in addition to the items available on our order form. Hampers first came from Food Banks Canada, then Feed Ontario, and more recently were packed by The Mississauga Food Bank. This lets us get more food out to clients while things were so uncertain. We went from an average of around 13 lbs a person up to 19 pounds. Clients have provided feedback though that they need more choices, and that they didn’t need all the items in the prepared hamper. So starting next week, no more hampers, and more choices on the order form! If you haven’t seen our virtual market offering, please check out the order form here:

Thanks everyone for being part of our family at The Compass. Trish, Karen and I truly appreciate everyone and thank you.

Kind regards,

Sheryl and The Compass Team

PS Did you know we’re doing a Virtual Walk the Walk for The Compass?

“Together, we provide help for today and hope for tomorrow”

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