Nani's Magic Heel Balm

Last winter, Anuja Pereira couldn’t get a pedicure because of COVID lockdown, and the cold
weather was wreaking havoc on her dry skin. Her super-resourceful mom decided to whip
together a foot balm based on a traditional recipe that her own mother, Anuja’s grandmother,
used back in India. The balm is made of natural oils, aloe, and wax and can be used on dry feet,
elbows, hands, and even chapped lips!

The balm worked wonders for Anuja’s dry skin and her daughters, Anaya, 6, and Livianna, 3,
were amazed at what their Nani had created. An idea was born!

The girls and Anuja had already started the website Kids Serving the Community and had been
working on community activities as well as sharing and posting ideas about how to involve
young kids in community service.

They decided to package and sell Nani’s Magic Heel Balm as a fundraiser for The Compass. Nani
donated her time and ingredients to make the balm, and Anuja and the girls worked on taking
orders, packaging, and delivering the balm across the community.
They were able to raise almost $600 for The Compass last year and they’re back at it again this
year! The suggested donation for one container is $4.00. The deadline for orders is November
15th or while quantities last. They will deliver your order to your doorstep at no charge during
the last two weekends of November.

The family chose The Compass to donate to because they live in Lorne Park and it is their local
food bank. They love all the good work that The Compass does, and the issue of food insecurity
is one that even the young girls can understand and realize that it’s not right that anyone
should go hungry.

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