If there are no order times available, you can still drop by to pick up a standard order.

ARRIVAL TIME Please arrive within 1 hour of your appointment. If you arrive too early or too late your custom order will not be available. You will instead receive a standard hamper.

WE SERVE POSTAL CODES L5E, L5G, L5H or L5J in South Mississauga. If you are outside those areas please check with Food Banks Mississauga to find your local food bank (905 270 5589).

Parking: Parking is on the streets around The Compass.  Please do not park in tenant spots behind the building or in front of the double warehouse doors where we receive deliveries.

Order Food for Pick Up


Need help with food?

If you need help with food, and are in postal codes L5E, L5H, L5G or L5J you can visit The Compass each week for food. You can place your food order online or over the phone. 


Monday           9:30 am – 7 pm
Wednesday     9:30 am – 5 pm
Friday               9:30 am – 5 pm

Our address is 427 Lakeshore Road E, Mississauga.

If you live outside our postal code zones (L5E, L5G, L5H or L5J) please check with The Mississauga Food Bank to find your local food bank (905 270 5589).

If you are new, you can start the registration process by filling in this form. You can place an order below right after you have filled in the form. You can also drop by during the hours above and pick up a standard order during the hours posted above and fill in the form at The Compass.

Food Order Process

  1. Place your order online, or call the office at 905-274-9309 if you aren’t able to order online.
  2. Bring your own bags to The Compass at your arrival time to pick up your order.

Order Deadline
You can place a custom pickup order up until noon the day before you visit. If you miss the deadline you can still order a standard order (online or drop by during Market hours).


What is an arrival time?

To help keep wait times low, we have everyone schedule an arrival time when they place their order.

I need food today? Can I order food?

You can call or order online to get a standard order with extras like fresh produce, frozen protein, milk, eggs and baby items for same day pickup when we are open. It’s also possible to drop by during Food Bank hours and order in person.

Best Before vs Expiry Dates

We follow Food Banks Canada guidelines for food distribution. We do not distribute expired product but occasionally offer food past the best before according to their guidelines. You can read more here. Some products like bread are also frozen to extend their life. 



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We are a Food Bank & Outreach Centre located in and serving South Mississauga

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The Mississauga Food Bank

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