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Questions to Ask… about Housing and Homelessness

Here are a few questions related to housing and homelessness that you can ask your 2019 federal election candidates to help inform your vote:

  • Do you agree that there are problems with homelessness and a lack of affordable housing across Canada in general, and in the Mississauga-Lakeshore area in particular?
  • If elected, what will you/your political party do to end homelessness in Mississauga-Lakeshore?
  • How does your party plan to invest in building new affordable housing? How much money will you invest? How will you go about creating more housing?
  • What are your party’s plans to improve the health, safety and well-being of individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness?
  • Do you/your party uphold the principle that people should not have to leave their traditional communities in order to find housing they can afford? How do your party’s policies support this idea?
  • Do you/your party support a Housing First approach to ending homelessness?

How Did It Go?  Let Us Know!

Did you use these questions? Come up with your own? What kind of answers did you get?

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