Hands with heart

Our neighborhood is changing. The landscape of our community is being reshaped by the construction projects going on, and the high end residences being built. Port Credit is fast becoming the place to live and play and summer weekends see our small village packed with neighbors who live near and far. But along with that, another change is taking place. Homelessness is increasing. The poor are becoming poorer and the demands on The Compass have increased significantly from what they were just one year ago. 

The Compass exists thanks to the generosity of her neighbors. Donations come in and the donations go out. We are in many ways a distribution center, from your hand to the hand of those in need. A community serving itself. Those who have, giving to those who have not. I hope you feel appreciated. You should, because you are.

What The Compass is able to do begins with your food donation. From there the donations are sorted, inventoried and shelved. There are many volunteers involved in this process and all of them serve behind the scenes. Like you, they don’t get to hear the many thank you’s or experience the heartfelt expressions of gratitude. That blessing belongs to the checkout assistant role. This is the volunteer who hands over the groceries.

As someone who’s filled this role, I want to set the record straight. I didn’t give it and I didn’t pack it up. All I did was hand it over and now I want to hand it back. Thank you so much! You are greatly appreciated and what you do is making a big difference in people’s lives. I wish you could see it for yourselves, but believe me. It’s true.

by Roberta P.

Donations in pickup truck
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