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Many people think of a compass as an outdated, palm held tool for when you’re lost in the woods. In the physical realm, that’s true. Our technology has advanced to more sophisticated tools for finding one’s way. GPS has replaced the old-fashioned compass and hardly anyone owns a compass any more, or do they?

In the spiritual realm, a compass is still symbolic of how we do life, how we navigate our days, and how we can find the right path. Think about it! A compass is a device that indicates direction. It remains steadfast in even the poorest conditions. It tells us where we are and guides us to where we want to go. Left and right may be different depending on where you’re standing, but with the compass, north will always be north.

In using a compass, you must first determine the direction you are facing. You must also know the direction you wish to go. To go from where you are to where you want to go requires an action on your part. You must turn. You turn until you are properly oriented towards your destination. Once turned, you are now heading in the right direction.

Each of us have an internal compass and it goes by many names. Some think of it as their goals, or their ambitions for life. Some see it as the person they wish to become. For others, it’s their faith in God that directs their course. Whatever name it may go by, and whether it is seen or unseen, each of us are following the lead of our compass. We’re on a course. We’re headed in a particular direction. Do we know where we’re going?

The Compass’ goal is to cross paths with those who are struggling in life. Their motto is: ‘Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow’. Help for Today addresses where they are now, and Hope for Tomorrow addresses where they want to go. Help for today is accomplished in practical ways such as addressing the need for food security, providing tax return clinics, and hair dressing services. Help for today also takes the form of encouragement and fellowship in shared meals, men’s and women’s small groups and prayer for those who are blessed by it.

Hope for tomorrow strives to provide that which can change the direction and steer the outcome of future possibilities. Help linking to supplemented housing, nursing services, computer classes, resume help, are among some of the ways The Compass can help.

For some, the need for The Compass is just an interval in their lives and they are able to move on in self-sufficiency and brighter prospects. Others will find their need of The Compass to be ongoing. Circumstances and life have left them with little opportunity, but that’s ok. The help given today contributes to the hope of tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and when it does, it is called today.



Roberta P.

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