Happy Halloween everyone! It’s time for our volunteer spotlight once again, and this time we’ll be introducing Cindy Grindley.

Cindy began volunteering with The Compass in May 2018. Cindy had been considering a few volunteer opportunities to find the one that suited her, until finally deciding on The Compass. Cindy had been aware of The Compass as part of our community but says she has a much greater understanding of the multi-faceted work done here, now that she’s seen it firsthand. 

Cindy says she was immediately impressed with the people she worked with, who showed “unwavering generosity, kindness, and compassion”. She says these people do a lot to provide for others, whether it be through networking and support, social events, assistance filing tax returns, or providing meals and groceries. Alongside getting to know her fellow volunteers, Cindy expressed having the pleasure to meet and get to know many of The Compass’s diverse clients, and has found these relationships to be personally enriching in sometimes unexpected ways. Cindy believes that The Compass has a very caring community that seeks to support those in need in many different ways. “It is so much more than a Food Bank,” she commented. “I wish that there were more people who knew about all the work that The Compass does.”

This September, Cindy participated in The Compass Walk, pledging a personal goal to walk 100 kilometres. With the virtual nature of the Walk this year, Cindy decided to start early in September, and walk in small increments on a regular basis. As someone who walks regularly, Cindy said the virtual Walk was a great opportunity to explore different neighbourhoods while still contributing to The Walk fundraiser. When commenting about this approach, Cindy said “I like the idea of being part of ‘a very good thing’ that through small contributions becomes much more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps that is what best describes my involvement with The Compass.” Cindy believes that every small contribution can add up to be something significant, and as demonstrated by Cindy’s incredible walk goal, anything can be possible this way.

Thank you Cindy for all of your contributions to The Compass!

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