Volunteer Spotlight - Diane Burgess

Hi Everyone! It’s time for our volunteer spotlight once again! We are excited to introduce Diane Burgess, both a client and popular volunteer at the Compass. To us, our clients are our friends, our neighbours, and amazing people that we are privileged to assist. We are so honoured to share Diane’s inspirational story and journey with the Compass.

Diane has used the services at The Compass off and on for the past 10 years. She recently returned to The Compass when her husband, who works in the food services industry, was laid off due to COVID-19. Diane says she was nervous and embarrassed that she needed assistance again, but the staff and volunteers at The Compass immediately made her feel welcome.

Diane has a 26-year-old son with special needs and a 19-year-old daughter who is in college studying social work. So, when she selects her groceries for the week, she usually focuses on getting things that they enjoy like cold cereal and oatmeal. Diane is very happy that The Compass offers milk and eggs as well as ground pork which she uses to make pasta with meat sauce.

In addition to providing groceries, The Compass offers clients information and referral services to help overcome some of the challenges that come with living on a low income. Diane was thrilled when a volunteer at The Compass helped her access a program through LensCrafters which offers free or low-cost glasses. Diane, along with her husband and son all received glasses through this program.

Diane currently volunteers five days a week at The Compass helping to repack bulk groceries like laundry soap, dish detergent, flour and instant coffee. No matter what job she is given, Diane is always laughing and smiling. “I enjoy volunteering because The Compass has done so much for me,” says Diane. “I can’t donate, but I can give my time.”

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your story and for giving us the greatest gift, your time! Diane is a shining example of a citizen of our community who is dedicated to service and contribution in any possible way. Her incredible mindset serves as an inspiration for us all.

The Compass Food Bank and Outreach Centre provides immediate assistance with food and then works with clients to tackle the challenges that often come with a low income. We are located at 310 Lakeshore Road West. To find out about how you can make a difference in South Mississauga, visit thecompass.ca.

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