Happy September all! The Walk is approaching quickly now, I hope everyone is preparing their routes!



As the third installation of our Spotlight series, we’re going to be focusing on Trish Trapini, the Market Manager here at The Compass.



Trish began working with The Compass in the spring of 2013. After 20 years working in a senior retail management position, Trish was looking for a career that would allow her to spend more time with her family than her 60-hour week would allow. Leaving this career, Trish worked part time from 6am to 11am at a local coffee shop, where she learned the experiences that some of her colleagues faced as visible minorities. She described this experience as “eye-opening”, as she heard stories from her coworkers which she could never imagine. Humbled by this job, Trish applied to a Compass listing posted at St. Christopher’s Church. 



One of Trish’s favourite parts about working at The Compass is being able to provide a helping hand to those more vulnerable in her community. “It’s hard for people to put their hand up and ask for help, especially in today’s society,” Trish said, “but it is very important that people ask for help and it shouldn’t be frowned upon.” Trish wants to help those facing food insecurity, and has been able to use the skills from her previous career to provide this helping hand. Trish encourages people to ask for help, and hopes to help people during the rough patches of their life, no matter what they may be.



Outside of The Compass, Trish is a mother of two teenagers, as well as a three-year-old German Shepherd. She owns an RV and loves to go camping with her family, in their free time. In a few weeks, Trish will also be participating in The Compass Walk!



Thank you, Trish, for everything you have done for our community!


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