By Xinli Wang It was a beautiful sunny day on September 21. More than one hundred and eighty participants and The Compass volunteers gathered together. Everyone was here to support a great cause that The Compass has been doing over the past fifteen years: to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. All our local leaders came out: Mayor Bonnie Crombie, MP Sven Spengemann, MPP Rudy Cuzzetto and councilors Steve Dasko and Karen Ras. Thank you all for the great support! After a breakfast snack, we went for a stroll along Mississauga’s beautiful waterfront. We later returned for a fabulous picnic featuring foods from 6 countries and Native Canadian food. If you are a food lover, make sure you join us next year. You won’t be disappointed! Photo taken by Bill Whitman The Church of St. Mark provided a super Fun Fair with live music, the great DJX, games, hundreds of prizes and a silent auction with great bargains.  We have raised a total of $35,00.00 on this day alone and we can’t thank you all enough for your generosity and continuous support to The Compass. Your kindness makes a huge difference for our clients. Walk The Walk for The Compass will come back on September 19 in 2020. Please mark this day on your calendar and join us! Expect a whole day filled with fun and laughter. Video credit goes to Mark C. Paszkiewicz. You can find his YouTube channel here:
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