Winter Survival Program

** Our Winter Survival collection is finished for 2019/20 **

The community has been so generous. Thank you!

We have enough winter coats, mitts, hats, socks etc to last through the winter. We are unable to accept any more. We are at capacity and have no room to store more. There are many other groups still collecting items. Two are Evangel Hall Toronto and The Elizabeth Fry Society.

Any donations you may have been holding for us, can be donated elsewhere with our blessing.

Thank you!


Help keep our homeless clients warm this winter

From 2018 to 2019, the number of Compass clients who self-identify as homeless increased by 55 percent. For many clients, this is due to a sharp increase in rent and housing costs— even the cost of renting a room is now beyond the reach of many. Families continue to be kicked out onto the street, and winter is coming.

Our homeless clients often speak of their fear and dread surrounding the season ahead. They are uncertain of how they will survive this winter without a roof over their heads. Many do not know what to expect; those who have been unfortunate to have experienced a homeless winter already know that this can be a life or death battle.

We want to help!

While we work with governments over the long term to increase the supply of affordable housing, we also want to give our Compass clients the best possible chance of making it through the season ahead. The winter survival program will give these individuals kits filled with necessities that help keep them warm and dry.

Along with the winter survival kits, we also want to give our clients hope that the situations they’re aren’t permanent—that there is a brighter tomorrow

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Homeless in Toronto at -18C windchill. It's safer sleeping in public view.