Winter Survival Program

In the past few months, there has been an increase in the number of Compass Clients who have become homeless.

With your help, we put together over 20 kits for our homeless clients. The winter survival program will give these individuals kits filled with items to keep them warm and dry. Most of all we want to give them hope that this situation they are in is not permanent, that there is a brighter tomorrow.

We are in awe at the amazing response of the community and thank you for your support. 

While we are still accepting financial donations to help replenish items as needed for these clients, we have stopped accepting donations of the other items as our needs are have been met.  Thank you for your support.

While we will work with governments to increase the supply of affordable housing, this will take months if not years to come online and we want to give them the best possible chance of making it through the season ahead.

If you have any skills or resources that could help them find shelter now please contact us at

Homeless in Toronto at -18C windchill. It's safer sleeping in public view.

Photo shows a homeless person sleeping on a Toronto street in -18C weather. Photo by Peter Beens (licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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