Order Hamper for Pick Up

After you book an arrival time by emailing info@thecompass.ca or calling 905-274-9309 you can place an order. Our volunteers will custom pack the order for you, and have it ready for pick up. Availability changes day to day, and we will do our best to give you the items you order. 

Please come for your arrival time, and depart as soon as you have your order. Thanks!

What is an arrival time?

We are no longer booking appointments. Instead everyone gets an arrival time. We ask that you arrive as close to that time as possible. There is no appointment vs drop in. Everyone is seen in the order they arrive. Spacing everyone out with arrival times means that we can better maintain social distancing and we ask for your help to make that happen.

Hampers are all packed in advance, so there's no benefit to coming early.

There are three order forms. Pick the one based on the # of people on your voucher. At the end of the order you will receive a confirmation code so you know it's been submitted. Please bring that code with you to help make pick up faster.

REMEMBER do not place your order below until AFTER you have a confirmed arrival time.

The space in the order form is for you to enter the time you already booked, not to indicate when you want to come. Email info@thecompass.ca or call 905-274-9309 to schedule your visit. Orders without a corresponding booked time will need to be rescheduled.

It's best to place your order each week AFTER Friday at noon when the orders are updated. If you place your order earlier, some of the items you order might be out of stock, and you won't have the opportunity to order any of the new items.

Order for Family Size 1-3

Order for Family Size 4-6

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