Winter Survival

With the large increase in the number of new clients all food banks are seeing, it’s no surprise that our clients experiencing homelessness has grown. The weather has dipped greatly in temperature at night, and our neighbours who are trying to solely survive outdoors are very cold. To this end, The Compass has already started to equip them with climate-appropriate sleeping bags and other cold-weather tools. 

Recently, our Compass staff sat down with our clients experiencing homelessness to find out what they need to help get them through this upcoming cold, snowy winter. These conversations were the crux of the list we put together that will give these individuals kits filled with necessities that help keep them warm and dry. Along with the winter survival kits, we also want to give our clients Hope that the situations they are in aren’t permanent—that there is a brighter tomorrow.

This year, The Compass will not be accepting any item donations for Winter Survival. The needs are immediate and in alignment with our ethos, providing our clients with the dignity we all desire in our lives, providing  new items is the manner in which the campaign will operate. Should you want to contribute and help outfit our clients for winter, you can donate financially.   


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